Monday, July 25, 2011

We Stand For Hope and Change
Changing Hope Into Action

"This is no way to run the greatest country on Earth. It’s a dangerous game that we’ve never played before, and we can’t afford to play it now. Not when the jobs and livelihoods of so many families are at stake. We can’t allow the American people to become collateral damage to Washington’s political warfare.

-President Barack Obama, July 25, 2011


Over the past 4 years, we have seen it all.

We have all witnessed small mindedness; viciousness; prejudice, and more. All in attempts to derail a election, or the legislative accomplishments enhancing the values we all share.

Now we cannot believe what lies before us; unwillingness to compromise is putting our national Credit, (and as Nicolas Kristol said yesterday) our National Security, at risk.

There have been so many moments of stress in the past 2.5 years; and each time, we have been proud of what Barack Obama has done; what he has said; and how he has led us through so many moments of darkness. We feel that way tonight. Proud of him; mindful of how we must continue to embody the campaign promise of Respect, Empowerment, and Inclusion, as a way forward.

At this moment of crisis, we are once again reminded of why we signed on to support Senator Barack Obama for President, why we thought he could be not a good, but a great, President.

Tonight he said this;

“America, after all, has always been a grand experiment in compromise. As a democracy made up of every race and religion, where every belief and point of view is welcomed, we have put to the test time and again the proposition at the heart of our founding: that out of many, we are one. We’ve engaged in fierce and passionate debates about the issues of the day, but from slavery to war, from civil liberties to questions of economic justice, we have tried to live by the words that Jefferson once wrote: “Every man cannot have his way in all things -- without this mutual disposition, we are disjointed individuals, but not a society.”

History is scattered with the stories of those who held fast to rigid ideologies and refused to listen to those who disagreed. But those are not the Americans we remember. We remember the Americans who put country above self, and set personal grievances aside for the greater good. We remember the Americans who held this country together during its most difficult hours; who put aside pride and party to form a more perfect union.”

Tonight, Barack Obama has asked for our help.

We ask you to join us, tomorrow, in asking each of our elected officials to compromise to preserve the great idea, the promise, and the Hope, that is this nation.

We Stand, With You, For Hope and Change

Lou & Carol Frillman

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