Thursday, December 23, 2010

“I think it's fair to say that this has been the most productive post-election period we've had in decades. And it comes on the heels of the most productive two years that we've had in generations,"
-President Barack Obama, December 22, 2010

Under Your Tree Is...............
Economic Recovery Act
New START -DADT - Health Care Reform -Financial Regulatory Reform
Two Supreme Court Justices
Consumer Protection Agency - 9-11 Responders Act
Millions of jobs saved & 1+ Million Jobs Created 2010


Thank You.

Of all the gifts you have given this year, your enduring support and commitment to President Obama, and our shared values, has directly contributed to the greatest legislative accomplishments in this generation, and perhaps the last 100 years. And for that, we thank you. As does a grateful nation.

Today we read in Bloomberg;

"The 111th Congress made more laws affecting more Americans since the 'Great Society' legislation of the 1960s. For the first time since President Theodore Roosevelt began the quest for a national health-care system more than 100 years ago, the Democrat-led House and Senate took the biggest step toward achieving that goal by giving 32 million Americans access to insurance. Congress rewrote the rules for Wall Street in the most comprehensive way since the Great Depression. It spent more than $1.67 trillion to revive an economy on the verge of a depression ... ; ended an almost two-decade ban against openly gay men and women serving in the military, and is poised today to ratify a nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia. ... 'This is probably the most productive session of Congress since at least the '60s,' said Alan Brinkley, a historian at New York's Columbia University."

President Obama said further today, after the US Senate passed START;

“A lot of folks in this town predicted that, after the midterm elections, Washington would be headed for more partisanship and more gridlock. And instead, this has been a season of progress for the American people……. This is the most significant arms control agreement in nearly two decades. And it will make us safer and reduce our nuclear arsenals, along with Russia. This treaty will enhance our leadership to stop the spread of nuclear weapons and seek the peace of a world without them.”

Two things made this all possible; your constant support for our shared values, and the leadership of President Barack Obama. Through doubt and questioning over the past 23 months, in times that many questioned his direction and strategy, President Obama and the Team stayed on course. The result ?

• Saving the US Economy…Two New Supreme Court Justices………Health Care Reform………Financial Regulatory Reform….Millions of Jobs Saved
• A Tax Act that most economists now predict will lead to major increased job growth and GDP next year
• The end of legalized discrimination against the LGBT community in the US military
• Ratification of START which will lead to a safer world for all
• Passage of a act to provide further protection for our 9-11 responders

In the season of struggles , President Obama remained committed to his core belief that bi- partisanship in matters of the national interest would yield real results for the American people. With your support, that belief has proven true. While Washington fixated daily on who was up, and who was down, Barack Obama provided the leadership needed to see clearly the way to a better day for America. While some have not agreed on the path, we now all end up in the same place; supporting shared values that benefit the American people.

With you, we look forward to the challenges ahead, knowing that, together, the Change we have all forged , will continue to be perfected through our Common Purpose, and in Unity. We remain humbled to continue on this path with you.

We wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday season filled with family, happiness, and joy.

With Many Thanks,

We Stand, With You, For Hope and Change

Lou & Carol Frillman

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What Next?

“Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America ”
-President Barack Obama, Jan 20, 2009


Yesterday, a neighbor we hadn’t seen in a while ran into us at one of our local restaurants. He asked us if we still felt strongly supportive of President Obama after the election results ?

This is our answer.

On January 20, 2009 at 12 noon, as Barack Obama was inaugurated the 44th President of the United States, the United States was in a national economic emergency. As President Obama addressed the nation that day, a Tuesday, 25,000 Americans (based on that month total) lost their job. Total job losses that month were 750,000 Americans. That is ;

• 12 times the population of Oak Park, Il. where Carol & I grew up
• 7.5 times the population of Green Bay, Wis.
• 110% of the combined total urban population of Minneapolis and St Paul; including children.

At a average American family size of 2.5, that means that nearly 1.9 million people were affected by the job losses in January 2009.

Many were celebrating, with good reason, that day. Many Americans, though, were not.

For the Obama Team that crossed the threshold of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, that day, President Obama included, the celebration was tempered by the knowledge that we were perched on a precipice and that nothing other than perseverance, hard work, determination, skill, luck, and yes, the grace of the Good Lord could pull us back from. We were in the midst of a total and complete economic meltdown. There was no system liquidity, and no expectation that there would be.

Across town, a different view had been reached.

While Americans were suffering, while jobs were being eliminated that month at a rate of 1,000 fellow Americans a hour, the Republican Tea Party had made a simple calculation. They were going to watch as Americans fell off the cliff, and blame it all on President Obama. They would even blame President Obama for things that had been initiated under President Bush. With clear focus, that is exactly the program they have executed. They would obfuscate, incite, and use fear as a political weapon. And that is exactly what they have done.

One simple example; when George Bush was elected in 2000, our total gross debt was $5.6 Trillion. When he left office in January 2009, the same debt was $10 Trillion. That is a nearly 100% increase in public debt and is directly attributable to the strategy of dropping tax rates () while fighting a shooting war. Talking about Democrates being financially irresponsible in the face of this set of facts is real audacity.

As the year progressed, President Obama and the Team was battered with hourly, daily, and weekly, twists that increased the system risk. These twists were aggravated by legislative conundrums, political dead ends, and external events (think BP). Through this all, President Obama stayed focused on the multiplicity of steps he knew were necessary to arrest the slide. At no time, did the Team choose political positioning versus simply doing the right thing. Given that we have now gained 874,000 jobs through October for the year 2010, we can be thankful for that focus.

But there has been a cost.

While a Strategy for Recovery was being implemented, the left saw only what was not getting accomplished; and the Right began the single minded mission of repeating the Big Lie(s) everywhere they could;

“Democrats are big spenders, high taxing liberals. They are different than us “Real Americans”.

The result of the President and Team keeping their focus is this;

• Economic disaster avoided through a $780B stimulus Bill
• Two Supreme Court Justices approved
• Health Care Reform passed
• Reform of a broken financial system
• Ended combat operations in Iraq
• Refocused our efforts in Afghanistan
• Consumer Protection Agency creation under Elizabeth Warren
• Signed the Lily Ledbetter law
• Restored faith in American diplomacy
• And so much more…………………………….

On Wednesday, November 3, we woke to a changed landscape. The US House, effective January 2011, will now be run by the Republican Tea Party and Speaker John Boehner. Democrats lost 60+ seats in the House and thus, control. The US Senate in Democratic hands.

What can we draw from this? Is President Obama’s early position to offer open handed cooperation the Republicans to blame?

One thing for sure is this; fighting a election coming out of a massive recession, near Depression, was sure to be a uphill battle. Isn’t this all just President Obama’s fault? That’s what the Republicans would have America believe. This is the politics that Barack Obama speaks against. One of division, name calling , and fear.

Last week, Michael Tomasky, published a article and book (s) review in New York Review of Books, added to the piling on to President Barack Obama.

Mr. Tomasky chose to survey the difficulties of the past year, and like many others, manage to conclude that recent political losses were the direct result of what Barack Obama did or did not do; the choices he made, or did not make. The “illusions” that Tomasky accuses him of laboring under. (illusion= Republican desire to cooperate in governing).

We know, as do you, that Barack Obama’s views and approaches to the vexing problems of our time are based on a clear-headedness regarding those who oppose a progressive America. But progress was planned and executed on what was possible with the entire landscape in view.

It is disappointing that Mr Tomasky, like others, continues to proffer a conclusion that, all evidence to the contrary, the economic rescue (TARP), health care, and other legislative accomplishments, would have passed in their most progressive form that some would have chosen to promote ( can you say “public option” ? ). That is a “illusion” that simply does not comport with the facts. These bills would not have been passed in their most progressive form.The votes were simply not there. And our Team knew it.

We don’t know if that should be called Survivalism, or Revivalism, as Richard Wolffe would characterize it. More to the point, it was Realism and led to the greatest legislative accomplishments of our lifetime.

Many now choose to sling darts and arrows at President Obama for the choices he made through this minefield of the recent past. Everyone has a view of what he should have been done and how he should have done it.

In particular, some now fashion themselves experts in how being on the attack would have produced a different political result.

Over the past two years, every day, President Obama and the entire team woke up trying to balance a thousand, no, million, moving parts, and competing alternatives, in a successful attempt to stear the ship of state through this minefield; the left crtiricizing him for being too timid, the right accusing him of causing the multiple crises in the first place.

At the first news conference after the Bay of Pigs, President Kennedy repeated this observation by Spanish Bullfighter Domingo Ortega ;

Bullfight critics ranked in rows
Crowd the enormous Plaza full
But only one is there who knows
And he's the man who fights the bull

We listen, respectfully, to those who want to chart a different course.

We ask you to carefully consider how we can unite now, in common purpose, as we confront those who would upend the accomplishments of the last 2 years. Respectfully, we ask you to join this fight for our future by looking forward together.

The steadiest hand on the till of our ship, in the midst of the past 2 years, has been Barack Obama. Speaking of immigration reform at America University on July 1, he said;

“This is a emotional question, one that lends itself to demagoguery. Time and again, this issue has been used to divide and inflame-and to demonize people. And so the understandable, the natural impulse among those who run for office is to turn away and defer this question for another day, another year, or another administration…….This is why a broken and dangerous system that offends our most basic American values is still in place. But I believe we can put politics aside and finally have a system that’s accountable.

I believe we can appeal not to people’s fears, but their hopes, to their highest ideals, because that’s who we are as Americans.”

This is the man we elected 44th President of the United States.

In the fall of 2008, at the Chicago based Obama Women’s Leadership Conference, two weeks before the election, the last speaker said this;

When Barack Obama is elected President, and he will be, we each will think our work is over. I tell you it is not. It is each of our responsibilities to continue this work. After all, he is only a man and he will need each and every one of us to continue to perfect our Union.”

So we each have a responsibility to continue contributing to this work of our lifetime; thus, we will continue to point to ways we can each help. Multiple activities are now under way that will solidify how you can help, and we will share those as plans take form.

On Tuesday 11-30, a bi-partisan meeting will be held at the White House. Like you, we wish for success.

Can the hopes for a progressive America, the Democratic Party, and Barack Obama recover? The answer lies not only in his hands; it lies in ours as well.

In this new reality, we intend to be there, alongside you, fighting for our shared values, led by the 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

Our answer to the original question?

We Stand, With You, For Hope and Change
Lou & Carol Frillman

Saturday, September 25, 2010

37 Days to Go to Nov 2

A friend recently sent me a piece done for Forbes, and featured as it’s cover story. “How he thinks; the root of Obam’s Big Problem with Business”, by Dinesh D’Souza. We read it and really couldn’t believe that this was printed by a serious business publication.

This is how it begins.

“Barack Obama is the most anti-business President in a generation, perhaps in American history. Thanks to him the era of big government is back. Obama runs up taxpayer debt not in the billions but trillions of dollars. He has expanded the federal government’s control over home mortgages, investment banking, health care, autos, and energy. The Weekly Standard summarizes Obama’s approach as ominipotence at home and impotence abroad.”

According to the theory in the article, Barack Obama’s deceased father and his (alleged) anti-colonialism drives every decision Barack Obama makes. The last sentence is; “ America today is increasingly ruled by a ghost”. The vitriol and raw statement s made in this article leave the author looking foolish and sounding like a complete nut case. In Forbes magazine.

For the record, Forbes is now being forced to “fact check” it’s cover story now in distribution.

We note this today for you to consider. Consider how extreme the reaction by varied right-wing factions has become that this kind of smear journalism is set up for public consumption as serious content.

We can only conclude from this type of reporting and publishing that the attacks from the right will continue to sink to new lows as we approach November 2nd. We fully expect that the “He is a muslim” assertion will gather more steam. As if being a Muslim was some sort of crime. This, in itself, is travesty and a incorporation by media into allowing racial and religious criticism to somehow become accepted in American discourse.

Last week, our friend Congressman Keith Ellison returned from a trip with several Imam’s and Rabbi Bemporad to Dachau and Auschwitz. The Rabbi said,
"The same patterns that I studied teaching Jewish history, with respect to anti-Semitism, are now occurring with respect to anti-Muslim," Bemporad said.

"It's the same propaganda, it's the same character assassinations, it's the same dehumanization, it's the same de-contextualization. [Jews] have to be the ones, because of our history, have to stand up against what's happening to the Muslim community."

Congressman Ellison, who is a Muslim himself, said he traveled to Auschwitz as a college exchange student and said "that had a transformative effect on me," It was one of the main reasons he got involved with the group who took part in the briefing. He said further

"What they did was help maintain America's level of liberty and freedom, where nobody has to fear who they are based on whether they have a kufi on or hijab on or a yarmulke, whether you're a Mormon or a Hindu, you can still worship as you please. It's your business, and you don't have to fear."

If you want to clearly understand what we are working for this fall, here it is. Raw hatred, religious prejudice, character assassination of the President in Forbes, all the province of right wing ideologues who dominate the GOP/Tea Party. This is what we saw throughout the Bush years, as hatred in all its forms was allowed to grow, and promoted by those in power, as a way to keep power. Where fear of other was used as tool to start and expand two wars.

Tomorrow morning, when you rise, and consider the next 37 days, consider this. The Party of Just Say No is dominated by those who seek to use fear as a political weapon, and would divide us for political gain.

What stands between them and Nov 2 is a immoveable object. Our secret weapon.


When you think you are tired of the battle for America’s future, and it’s heart, remember what we knew two years ago. Hope wins over fear. Change wins over division. You can make the difference over the next 37 days.

See you out there.

We Stand, With You, For Hope and Change

Lou & Carol Frillman

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

“Tea Party Rampant, GOP Reeling”

“GOP Leaders Admit O’Connell in Delaware is Unelectable”

“ Rove says O’Connell is Nutty”

“Soul Searching Time; A GOP Torn”


These are the headlines in Slate and Politico this morning.

How quickly the pundits turn on a dime as the realization occurs that the GOP Tea Party, the party of Just Say No, may not be quite as popular with a troubled electorate as they thought.

So now the real work begins. 47 days to go to November 2, 2010. Make no mistake, every single thing we have achieved in the last 6 years is at risk in this election.

As we take stock, and think about where we can each provide the most impact, remember this.

Barack Obama was never going to be elected President of the United States. And yet, he is. All the pundits and prognosticators were wrong. We had a plan , stuck to it, and changed America. For the Better. You had a plan and you executed it through sheer hard work.

Again, we ask that each of you choose a place where you can make a difference, be it financial, or field. Or calling from home. Or knocking on doors. Each and every candidate in Congressional, state, and other Federal races needs your help to survive the Just Say No crowd.

We know that, with each of you working, you will prove the prognosticators and pundits wrong again.

1. Donations to Obama For America/DNC will go directly to sustaining needs in varied races nationwide.
2. Simply and directly, each congressional, state, and senatorial race needs help. Each race needs you.

For links to help with Organizing For America, see Here.

For links to help with varied Minnesota and Washington races see below.

• Betty McCollum MN CD 4
• Keith Ellison MN CD 5
• Tarryl Clark MN CD 6
• Tim Walz, MN CD 1
• Denny Heck WA CD 3
• Jim McDermott WA CD 7
• Adam Smith WA CD 9
• Jay Inslee WA CD 1
• Susan Delbene WA CD 8
• Norm Dicks, WA CD 6
• Patty Murray, Senator, Wa.

In 2006, you won the Congress.

In 2008, you elected Barack Obama and changed America.

The race for 2010 is in each of our hands. Everything you have achieved is at stake.

We ask, once again, for your hands, your treasure, your voice, and your vote. Do something. Do anything. The outcome on November 3, depends on only one thing. you.

Thank you.

We Stand, With You, For Hope and Change

Lou & Carol Frillman

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we have a lot of work to do”
-President Barack Obama, Thursday, August 5, 2010, Chicago

Ford, Chrysler, and GM all profitable. 55,000 jobs saved. Car exports up 57% in 2010.

Last Thursday, we saw President Obama tour a renovated Ford plant on Chicago’s south side, a plant that was the beneficiary of a $400m loan from the Energy Department to retool the plant, and the recent recipient of a $250m loan guarantee to finance the export of vehicles to Canada and Mexico.

This is the legacy the Obama Administration takes, that we all take, into the fall election. Jobs saved, one war winding down, 30 million Americans now with health care, and millions of others with health reform benefits beginning this fall. Two new Supreme Court justices, both woman, bring the Supreme Court to 33% women.

Nonetheless, as President Obama stated, we have a lot of work to do. The job bleeding has stopped; building jobs and long term prosperity for America requires us to continue moving forward. Not going back to policies that landed us in this mess.

A young man said to Carol & I this morning that the Administration had been disappointing. After talking calmy about what had been accomplished, his response ? “ I guess I listen to TV too much, I just didn’t realize he did all that”.

We did all that. You did all that.

Each one of us, each one of you, have been builders of Change. And Change is going to be challenged by our opposition, and other special interests who want to roll back the clock to pre-2008. We will get no help from the pundits, who think that true journalism is sensationalism. Preserving our gains will only come from your efforts. Whether your skills be field work, volunteering in office work, fundraising, or just plain old licking envelopes, each one of you can help starting this month; to lay the groundwork for a successful fall campaign.

For directions on how to sign up, go to and volunteer locally.

If our Republican opponents had had their way, TARP would not have passed, we would still be mired in Iraq, and the jobs saved through direct intervention by this US Congress and President Obama would be forever gone, given up by the Just Say No crowd.

We believe that there are many positions up for grabs that have tremendous possibilities.

In Illinois, Alexi Giannoulias will be the next US Senator holding President Obama’s seat. In Washington, we have great confidence that Patty Murrray will return, no matter who her opponent. We expect Denny Heck to reclaim WA-CD 1 for the Democrats. We will reclaim the Governor’s mansion in Minnesota.

Finally, we can send Michele Bachmann home.

In MN CD 6, Tarryl Clark is making great progress against Michele Bachmann. Imagine the fall narrative when Tarryl beats Michele. The Chairwoman of the Republican-Tea party Caucus will have to find a new place to park herself. This is a critical race nationally and needs your help. Before next Tuesday, the maximum donation is $4,800.00. After that, $2,400 per person. Please consider going to and help send Michele home.

Last, when you meet neighbors, friends, and others, remind them that every election is a choice; the choice this fall is to move forwards, not return to the policies that created the mess we are working out of.

See you next week. As always,

We Stand, With You, For Hope and Change,

Lou & Carol Frillman

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday July 30, 2010


There is a time for governing, and there is a time for campaigning and politics.

The last 20 months, President Barack Obama has focused his efforts, in the most difficult of circumstances, on governing. As our opposition chose to simply oppose everything, the Obama Administration and the Democratic US Congress, with your help, has saved the US Economy, stabilized industry, passed Health Care Reform, nominated one successful Supreme Court Justice and has another in waiting, and passed Financial Regulatory Reform. We were hemmoraging 700,000 jobs a month when Barack Obama was inaugurated President. Last month, we gained 50,000 new jobs.

When Barack Obama was inaugurated, the Just Say No crowd wanted to close down the US Auto industry. Today, over 50,000 new jobs have been created, the industry is stabilized and profitable, and ready to compete worldwide in the 21st Century. All because Barack Obama and your Democratic Congress voted yes to helping a industry in trouble, rather than letting it die and all the millions of jobs with it. See Here.

During the last 20 months, the Republicans and their Tea Party have opposed each and every piece of legislation that you have supported and been instrumental in passing. They hatched screaming matches at local events, cajoled and threatened candidates, and have the rapt attention of Glen Beck and Fox News. While you helped through Organizing For America, supporting your local Congressional leaders, and worked hard for American jobs, The Republican Tea Party has opposed each and every measure which, in the end, has put America back on the road to prosperity.

The time for politics has arrived.

The American people this fall have a choice; whether to go back to the failed policies of George Bush and the Republican Tea party, or to look forward with renewed vigor at the opportunities to continue to improve the daily lives of Americans. We know what didn’t work; because the same, failed policies that got us into this mess are, unbelievably, what the Republican Tea Party is now pushing for a return to.

We know that you are ready for this fight; the fight for American prosperity and jobs, the fight for the values we all fought for in 2008, and the fight to look forward, not go back to policies and politicians that want to Just Say No to progress.

So when you talk to your neighbors, your friends, and your family, you can be proud of what has been accomplished, and remind them that going back to Bush era politics is not moving forward; it is going backwards.

Finally, for sheer fun, see our favorite sheriff from Mayberry talk about why Health Care Reform was and is so important. See Here.

We will be here, weekly, talking about how you can help.

Thank You.

We Stand, With You, For Hope and Change

Lou & Carol Frillman

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday July 16

Yesterday, Financial Regulatory Reform was passed, securing another one of the pillars to President Barack Obama's New Foundation for a return to American growth and prosperity.

Last year, President Obama laid out the pillars to a New Foundation. He said that to return America to growth and prosperity, we needed to;

1. Rescue the economy from the the national economic emergency we were in.

2. Pass Health Care Reform so that long term controls and initiatives to
control rapidly rising health care costs would be out in place.

3. Pass Energy legislation so that we can control our own energy future, reduce
dependance on foreing oil, and change the way energy impacts all levels of
our society.
In Progress.

4. Reduce long term debt; the current bi partisan commission to control spending
and reuce debt will report to the President in December with recommendations
on how to proceeed.

He also said,

" We can’t afford to return to the pre-crisis status quo. We can’t go back to an economy that was too dependent on bubbles and debt and financial speculation. We can’t accept economic growth that leaves the middle class owing more and making less. We have to build a new and stronger foundation for growth and prosperity -- and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for the last 16 months.

It’s a foundation based on investments in our people and their future; investments in the skills and education we need to compete; investments in a 21st century infrastructure for America, from high-speed railroads to high-speed Internet; investments in research and technology, like clean energy, that can lead to new jobs and new exports and new industries.

This new foundation is also based on reforms that will make our economy stronger and our businesses more competitive -- reforms that will make health care cheaper, our financial system more secure, and our government less burdened with debt.

President Obama created, and is executing a strategy to lay a New Foundation for America's future. In contrast, our Republican opponents have stood against each and every initiative that made to stabilize and provide a basis for new growth, sustainable long term.

* They opposed the TARP bill and subsequent Economic Recovery Act; unbelieveably,
as this was started under Presdent Bush.

* They opposed with every form imaginable Health Care Reform, and managed to
not have one vote , not one vote, for reform to a systemic problem facing

* They have logjammed over 20 judicial appoinments, and many more appointments
at every level, simply in intransient opposition to anything President Obama
asks Congress to approve.

Without you, the New Foundation would continue to be a dream. With you, the New Foundation is becoming a reality. It is not something that has been given to you, it is something you have worked for each and every day of the last 18 months.

Thank you.

We Stand, With You, For Hope & Change,

Lou and Carol Frillman

Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010


Today, we thought about the last week; a holiday week for most. Beautiful weather, a really wonderful week.

On the 4th, while we watched Seattle's fireworks, we thought about this democratic experiment.

234 years ago, a small band of people, patriots all, took the greatest risk; they risked their lives "and their sacred honor" for a better life. For their children, for their grandchildren, and for us.

The gift and result of their sacrifice was our nation. And our nation, now, needs us. She needs you.

The ranting continues; Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, even the wannabe Speaker, John Boehner. They all think that by being obstructionists, and trying to deflect that obstructionism on us, that they will be elected back into control of the House.

They don't get it. The same old policies they promoted for 8 years, the very ones they promote now, is exactly how we got into this mess. And slowly, we are working our way out of them with the dedicated leadership of President Barack Obama and House and Senate that have the good of our nation first in mind. We are trying to move forward, not move backwards, which is exactly what our opponents would have us do.

That's not what America wants. America wants, we believe, to continue the mission of healing our nation in so many ways. Americans are hurting, we know this. The way out is to move forward.

And, to continue this mission, we need one thing.


Without you, the experiment cannot continue. Without you, the work cannot be finished. So, as we face the heat of summer, more ranting, and the fall election cycle, we ask you to rededicate yourselves.

When you approach the fall and the opportunities to help are many, think about what needs to be done, knowing one thing.

Without you, none of this works.

Without you, the experiment will not survive.

With you, we will continue the business of remaking America and preserving all the values we hold dear.

See you next week.

We Stand, With You, For Hope and Change

Lou & Carol Frillman

Friday, July 2, 2010

Join Us

If you are looking for a place to complain, this isn't it.

This is the place for builders; for doers; for those who know that Change depends on us. This place belongs to those who know that this nation was built by dreamers, by those folks who look for a better day, and brick by brick, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, built a nation. This place is for those who embrace Hope as a active verb.

This is the place for you.


The Beginning

In a moment, it was over.

But, really, it was just beginning.

Tuesday evening, November 4, 2008, at exactly 10pm CDT, at the moment the polls closed on the west coast, multiple news outlets declared Barack Obama elected the 44th President of the United States.

Was this real? We looked around, at each other, the stage, the cameras, at The Family, and everything told us this was real. We touched each other; yes, we were really here.

The swirl of the cameras, the lights, the peaceful November weather, all blending into this moment in history. And so were we. Exhaustion met exhilaration. The Dream, now, become reality.

Back in time; Springfield and the speech, Iowa, MInnesota, Washington,Pennsylvania, New Mexico, the debates, North Carolina, Indiana, fundraiser after fundraiser, trudging through the fields in the snow, all of these moments now becoming not recollections in our minds, but imprints on our hearts, which could never be erased.

Several hundred thousand people were in Grant Park, Chicago, listening to President-Elect Obama, swaying to the history around us. There, in the front, was Jesse Jackson. What was he thinking? He saw Dr. King assassinated; now he was witness to the miracle of this election.

We looked back on this all in awe. How did a small band of committed supporters create this? How did this happen?

We all came from different parts of the United States. We came from large cities, small cities, from political backgrounds steeped in tradition, from non political backgrounds with no tradition at all. We came from families of means, but mostly, families with no or little means.

We decided to stand. We stood for our children and grandchildren. We stood for a nation desperately needing healing. We stood for the powerless, those among us who could not stand nor speak for themselves. We came from all walks of life, religious beliefs, and ethnicities.

We joined together and we all acted on one belief.

In 2007 starting in February in Springfield, Illinois, through Chicago in November 2008, and now through the summer of 2010, we all act together as one, with one belief, one mantra.

We Stand For Hope & Change.

When this started, Barack Obama was joined by a small group of followers who believed, that together, we could forge a better path. Soon, thousands joined us; later, hundreds of thousands, then millions followed.

In November 2008 , you all knew the truth. Barack Obama could not make Change alone.



Now, we are all, with hands joined and hearts together in unity and common purpose, part of the effort to heal our nation. We continue to be a part of this movement to bring Change. We see Hope as a active verb.

The last year, together, you made Health Care a reality for 30 million uninsured Americans. You helped pull us back from financial collapse. You are ending one war and working towards ending another. You are poised to bring Financial Reform and Immigration, Don't Ask, and other core promises, into reality. It has taken a tremendous effort and each of you helped make these monumental changes happen.

You are making Change. You are helping to deliver the promise of November 2008.

So, here, in this place, we welcome you to this dialogue. Our business is simple; to continue this work, support our Pesident,and build a progressive tradition that embraces the best we each have to give.

What will be asked of you?


More of your time, your treasure, your hands, and your hearts. This effort will require us all to give more. This year, next, and the next. The challenge will continue; our opposition stands strong. Freedom, of course, must be reclaimed by every generation. So it is for us.

But, we face this future together. If you believe, like we do, that Change requires doing, not complaining, that Hope needs heart, not harping, we welcome you. If you feel that Change hasn't come quickly enough, we ask you to join us and help make it happen. All of us are needed to perfect our Union.

We will be here every Friday. We Hope you join us.

But for now, with you, We Stand For Hope and Change.

Happy July 4th, everyone.

Lou & Carol Frillman