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Friday, August 6, 2010

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we have a lot of work to do”
-President Barack Obama, Thursday, August 5, 2010, Chicago

Ford, Chrysler, and GM all profitable. 55,000 jobs saved. Car exports up 57% in 2010.

Last Thursday, we saw President Obama tour a renovated Ford plant on Chicago’s south side, a plant that was the beneficiary of a $400m loan from the Energy Department to retool the plant, and the recent recipient of a $250m loan guarantee to finance the export of vehicles to Canada and Mexico.

This is the legacy the Obama Administration takes, that we all take, into the fall election. Jobs saved, one war winding down, 30 million Americans now with health care, and millions of others with health reform benefits beginning this fall. Two new Supreme Court justices, both woman, bring the Supreme Court to 33% women.

Nonetheless, as President Obama stated, we have a lot of work to do. The job bleeding has stopped; building jobs and long term prosperity for America requires us to continue moving forward. Not going back to policies that landed us in this mess.

A young man said to Carol & I this morning that the Administration had been disappointing. After talking calmy about what had been accomplished, his response ? “ I guess I listen to TV too much, I just didn’t realize he did all that”.

We did all that. You did all that.

Each one of us, each one of you, have been builders of Change. And Change is going to be challenged by our opposition, and other special interests who want to roll back the clock to pre-2008. We will get no help from the pundits, who think that true journalism is sensationalism. Preserving our gains will only come from your efforts. Whether your skills be field work, volunteering in office work, fundraising, or just plain old licking envelopes, each one of you can help starting this month; to lay the groundwork for a successful fall campaign.

For directions on how to sign up, go to and volunteer locally.

If our Republican opponents had had their way, TARP would not have passed, we would still be mired in Iraq, and the jobs saved through direct intervention by this US Congress and President Obama would be forever gone, given up by the Just Say No crowd.

We believe that there are many positions up for grabs that have tremendous possibilities.

In Illinois, Alexi Giannoulias will be the next US Senator holding President Obama’s seat. In Washington, we have great confidence that Patty Murrray will return, no matter who her opponent. We expect Denny Heck to reclaim WA-CD 1 for the Democrats. We will reclaim the Governor’s mansion in Minnesota.

Finally, we can send Michele Bachmann home.

In MN CD 6, Tarryl Clark is making great progress against Michele Bachmann. Imagine the fall narrative when Tarryl beats Michele. The Chairwoman of the Republican-Tea party Caucus will have to find a new place to park herself. This is a critical race nationally and needs your help. Before next Tuesday, the maximum donation is $4,800.00. After that, $2,400 per person. Please consider going to and help send Michele home.

Last, when you meet neighbors, friends, and others, remind them that every election is a choice; the choice this fall is to move forwards, not return to the policies that created the mess we are working out of.

See you next week. As always,

We Stand, With You, For Hope and Change,

Lou & Carol Frillman

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